The Children.jpg

Design Team

  • Director: Jonathan Berry
  • Lighting Design: Lee Fiskness
  • Set Design: Chelsea Warren
  • Costume Design: Mara Blumenfeld
  • Sound Design: Andres Pluess

The Children

Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Downstair Theatre
Chicago, IL
April 29th, 2019

Photography by: Michael Brosilow

Production Photos


“Lighting designer Lee Fiskness conveys the harsh realities of the script in terms of power cuts and how Hazel and Robin have to make do living with less access to electricity. Fiskness and sound designer Andre Pluess also team well to illustrate the play's noisy and eerie open-to-interpretation ending.” -Scott C. Morgan, Daily Herald.

“Chelsea M. Warren’s scenic design also has a drawback. Her cottage, enhanced by Lee Fiskness’ blackout-incorporating lighting, is impeccable, but it’s also on a precipitous cliff that distances us from the action rather than drawing us in.” - ANNE SPISELMAN, HYDE PARK HAROLD.

“Due to perfectly understated work from scenic designer Chelsea M. Warren, lighting designer Lee Fiskness and sound designer Andre Pluess, this looks and sounds idyllic.” -Becky Sarwate, The Broadway Blog

“Paired with Andre Pluess’ and Lee Fiskness’ ominous sound and lighting design, this production perfectly hits all the right notes.” - Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review.