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Design Team

  • Director: Rachel Rockwell
  • Lighting Design: Lee Fiskness
  • Set Design: Kevin Depinet
  • Costume Design: Maggie Hofmann

Drury Lane Oakbrook

Oakbrook Terrace, IL
April 17th, 2015

Photography by: Kevin Depinet

Production Photos

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“The cleverly designed set (Kevin Depinet), great lighting effects (Lee Fiskness), sound (Garth Helm) costumes (Maggie Hofmann) props (Nick Heggestad) and even the dialect coach (Christine Adair) brought the other ingredients to Ms Rockwell’s recipe for bringing a new look to a production that needed her touch.” - Alan Bresloff, Around The Town Chicago

“Gritty, juxtaposed with gorgeous, resulting in electric brilliance…Effective set design by Kevin Depinet, spot-on costuming by Maggie Hofmann and hugely effective lighting by Lee Fiskness complete Drury Lane’s consummate professionalism.” Barry Reszel, Chicagoland Musical Theatre