The Boys From Syracuse

Northwestern University

Cahn Auditorium
November 9 , 2008

Design Team

  • Director: David Bell
  • Lighting Design: Lee Fiskness
  • Set Design: Sally Weiss
  • Costume Design: Veronica Classen

Production Photos

Photography By: Lee Fiskness

Design Statement

Photo Rendering

After almost a lifetime of being separated from his identical twin Antipholus lands in Ephesus to find his brother, accompanied with his servant Dromio, who is also missing his own twin brother.  A comedy of errors ensues when mistaken identities throw the entire town into an uproar. The confusion continues until the twins are reunited with their parents and the mistaken idealities are revealed.  The action takes place in the city square of a romantic Mediterranean tourist town.


As the show starts, the golden sunlight begins to set  as the shadows come to life with cool colors.  Night grows and the lovers meet and fall in love in a saturated romantic world of blues and purples.  Light peeks out from shuttered windows and doors while sconces, streetlights, and strings of Italian lights accentuate the architecture of the town square, bringing an excitement and energy to the night.  The mistaken identities of the twins spread confusion over the town as Antipholus attempts to break into his own house.  Fed up with the hassle the town erupts into late night party.  Neon light pops on as bright colors excite the stage. The next morning hot bright sunlight invades the space, the worst kind of light for a hangover.  The four twins are left wondering where their brothers might be as they share a ballad isolated from each other with deep shadows separating them. The heat of the afternoon gives way to sunset as the identity of the twins is revealed and the parents are discovered, reuniting the family.  The lighting generally tracks the 24-hour period, while simultaneously highlighting the feelings of a particular moment.  Just as the emotions of the characters drive them to sing and dance, the lighting follows the action bringing more energy and excitement to the musical moments of the show.

Video Preview